Article introduction Sex is excessive, cause a lot of undesirable effects to health, also may cause the happening of kidney empty symptom, face this kind of situation so, hope everybody can recuperate solution reasonably definitely, avoid sex excessive, can boil congee of red jujube of a few medlar, perhaps recuperateRead More →

Article introduction The men and women after marriage for can at an early date become person father or person parent, can choose the oviposit in the female period have sexual life, because of this time paragraph let spermatozoon and ovum the most easily undertake combinative, very much female produced haemorrhageRead More →

Article introduction The time of healthy man, can have 1 minute of above at least, average it is 3 minutes are controlled. If have appropriate halt time, plus recognizant changeover, defer ejaculates, criterion its make love duration, can have 10 minutes unexpectedly and even 30 minutes, even sometimes even long.Read More →